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How do I download shows?

To download a show first be sure that you are logged in to your account.

Then Right Click on the MP3 title with your mouse, then select "Save Target As."  This will give you the chance to save the show on your computer.  It generally will be saved under My Documents, My Music.

Remember that the files are very large, so it can take a while to download.

If you have any trouble, feel free to e-mail us by clicking on the Contact Us link above.
How do I contact you?

Simply click on the Contact Us link above.
When I try to download shows my computer tries to download a file called login.html - what is wrong?

You are not logged into your account.  Be sure you are logged in to your account first, then files should download without any problem.
How do I cancel my account?

Before you renewal comes due you will be sent an e-mail that tells you when your renewal is going to be and how much it will cost.  There will be a link in this e-mail that tells you when your renewal is due.  You will be able to cancel your membership from this e-mail.  You may always e-mail us as well and we will help you cancel it.
When will my account be renewed and how much will it cost?

Your membership information page, which can be found under the Log in to My Account link, has a section (on the far right, near the bottom) that says "Your payment history."  Under that it shows you the subscription type you have, the period your current subscription runs until, how you pay and the amount that will be due when you renew.  The date at the end of the "period" is when your account is up for renewal, and the amount you will be charged is under "Amount."